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I am not so sure about that approch to be honest. I would say the shortcuts should be reduced to the neccessary. ;)

Why does it have to be “either-or” while the real power of a complex software like BforArtists / Blender lies in “AND”? – BforArtists does a tremendous job in being intuitive to use and rather clear in its structure. But for professional use speed is important and having to go into the side menu for a specific function again and again slows down the workflow, which should be highest priority. For example the loop-cut-and-slide function in edit mode should most definetely have a dedicated shortcut to speed up modeling. – Again the function on the toolshelf is great like it is, but after a while a shortcut would be the better input option.

Of course I can and will put the shortcuts back where I see they are needed, but I believe other users would benefit from keeping the most essential shortcuts for a fast, professional workflow in as well. ;)

And for the sculpting environment having to go into the sidebar for one brushstroke and then back again for another takes the fun out of the process a bit.

Is there a way to export the hotkeys to another computer easily and complete, I tried the export “key configuration”, but when I imported it to my other computer the keys wouldn´t all work like they should for some reason. Maybe there is a file (or multiple files) that I can copy directly from the install directory?