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Hi Morgan

That the text doesn’t align completely proper is caused by the workaround we use to align the text. Normally the text is centered. This is hardcoded. And we haven’t found out yet where. What we did as a workaround was to add some extra spaces in the button titles to align the text a bit better with each other. Which is not 100% accurate when you pull out the tool shelf and make the buttons wider. But ways better than the centered text :)

PS: Just curious, is the extrude drop down menu something that is hardcoded in Blender? That one always felt very redundant to me in Blender itself, so I found it odd that I found it in BFA as well.

Yes, hardcoded. We could place it elsewhere. The dropdown box just contains rarely used methods. But i am no friend of separating equal tools.


Edit2: Repeat Last is not hotkeyed in BFA even though documentation states it is as Shift+R, luckily it was easy to fix. Once again, thank you so much for the incredible work you have done, I can finally use Blender without being bothered by weird stuff and not remembering hotkeys. 

Thanks for this bug report. The Bforartists keymap is as empty as possible to give the user the freedom to assign his own hotkeys. Seems that we have to fix the manual here :)