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The old dilemma ^^

Such a single pdf would be thousands of pages big. Very unhandy, very big loading times. And alone the table of contents would be this big that you can’t find anything at all. And it would make my life to maintain the manual very very hard.

I could of course go the Blender way, and make a page by page manual with a centralistic search. But this manual is even harder to maintain. And when you try to search anything in it, then you are completely lost. It is no full text search …

I had my thoughts at the manual dilemma too. I still search for ways to improve it. One direction was to start to write manual parts starting from the UI view. The chapter 3D View by tools – Tool Shelf.pdf  is the first big starting point. The other direction was to provide the whole manual also in the format of libre office. When you really need everything in one PDF, here’s the way to do it. Just union all documents into one, and export as PDF :)

In the end the manual starts to eat me up alive. I do too much tasks at once already. And when i don’t develop, then i don’t have something to document. And so i try to make my life as easy as possible, while still trying to make the manual as useful as possible. For me the pdf’s in chapters is the optmial compromise at the moment.

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