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Hey EmilsVfx,

We don’t do Release candidates at this point. We haven’t reached version 1 yet.

Sorry for the long waiting time. But the next Bforartists version is now really around the corner. We wanted to wait for Blender 2.79 release. Which lasted longer than thought. But in the end it’s a good thing when the Blender developers fix as much problems as possible before they do a full release.

The always mean answer is the usual one: it is done when it’s done. There is unfortunately no short cut. I hope to manage that we have a working Bforartists version 0.9.3  this week. Since Blender 2.79 final is already to find at the servers since today. But first we have to merge the changes from Blender into Bforartists, and to prepare everything for the release. This needs a few days.

Kind regards