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Hey Draise,

The specials menus in Blender is nothing else than double menus. You don’t need them. The content is arbitrary and doesn’t make any sense. And the menu items can all be found elsewhere. So nothing special. It’s just one of those fabulous Blender UI solutions in style of ” the other menus are already too crowded to find anything. So let’s just add yet another double menu to waste a hotkey, and crowd the UI even more”

Some addon developers are crazy enough to add an entry in this “specials” menu too though (luckily as of now also as double menu entry. Haven’t found one that just adds to the specials menu yet). And also the Blender keymap will reveal them. And so we have to keep them under the hood. But at the surface and with the Bforartists keymap the specials menus are gone in Bforartists. They are useless.