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I don´t think you would search that much if the categories are descriptive enough. E.g. Color could be called “color adjustment” to be more clear, which is to long of a name for a tab of course, but would work as a title in the all nodes list. The rest of the categories are quite descriptive already, except “input” is very vague somehow.

By splitting the lists into basic and advanced it also makes it difficult to look for a specific item, because you have to check two lists and scroll up and down between them. While when you know you need a shader, you go to the shader section and simply expand the panel on the spot if you don´t find it in the basic list.

It depends on most peoples workflow of course, I would prefer the list, because I can also adjust it on the fly to some extend to work for the specific situation. When starting to work in the nodeeditor, I could simply expand all the sections that might be useful and have a customized list to use.

Unfortunately I don´t know the available material nodes good enough to say which ones are essential and which ones are not. “Fresnell” is definetely essential though and so will be  the upcoming “Principeled Shader”. :D