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The organization would be a perfect replacement for all the tabs currently there, or the many tabs.

I like how they are organized to a similar system elsewhere, with common upfront and advanced below that can expand for later if needed.

I also like how one is input, the other modifiers, then finally relations. The idea of pinning sections if neccesarry, or collapsing sections within the tabs, is actually a big plus. The idea of text/icons toggle also is a huge plus, easy to learn/and or optimize for work, and is language friendly.

Workflow feels nicer now, which solved the issue of cacophony of all at once.

1. Adding all the inputs creatively, all on hand – move click repeat

2. modify them all creatively, all on hand – click to tab, move click repeat

3. then organize it all with grouping and such, all on hand – click to tab, move click repeat

Great work!!!!!

My only concern is that the tabs are only good for the Materials node tree, and those tabs still show up on the other trees. When trying to be used in the other trees, they bring up errors saying those nodes are uncompatible with any other system.

How would you do this system for Composite and Texture and maybe Animation Node trees (though it’s a third party?)? If you modify the backend of BFA to integrate the concept, would that solve that issue?

I do think a similar consistent system for the other trees would be great and the perfect solution.

Thanks again for considering the feedback and taking us into consideration. I really appreciate the hard work a lot.