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It’s not a double entry because they are two completely different systems, tabs alone is incomplete. The Add menu is the overview, and it’s broken at the moment. It is an industry standard to have an all nodes view of sort, and a requirement to be artistically friendly with the node workflow – with the adition to search, or single out categories after the overview.

There are two options, one is having the All Nodes view in a tab, which mean improving that addon to be nodetree dynamic and third party addon compatible, or having the add menu with all nodes listed, which comes to the compromise of not being a float menu “double entry”, and integrating with that header bar meny entry logically without breaking anything that isn’t already there..

The idea of working in the nodes, having to toggle the tab panel, select the tab, then select the node, then switch tab, then select node is.. really archaic. move, click, move click, move, click, move and click again, close panel if I want to see all nodes again on limited screenspace, repeat. I know you think it’s a double entry, but in this case it is complimentary and two different artistic methods to do what the tabs can’t provide: a quick overview mouse over system. Move over the add menu, it pops up, move over the overview list, click on node, dissapears automatically. Move, move, click.. please add that for the sake of the name of what you are trying to do… Bforartists.

Thanks for listening and providing a place for a voice. My work kinda really depends on this.