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Hey Draise,

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t really touched the node editor yet, developmentwise. Just removed a few double menu entries. The rest is still Blender. For the removed hotkey, i don’t want to add it back really. The nodes are available in the sidebar. And with the prinicple shader available you will not use them alot anymore anyways. On the other hands, the other things the animation nodes, hmmhmm. The problem here is: the Add menu is empty now. I have removed the content. And so you call an empty menu with this hotkey now. Seems that we need some more thinking here.

The All Nodes addon was a first incomplete shot to find out if this brings an improvement. But i am not happy with it.The icons loads eons. You name it, it is incomplete. It’s ways too much icons at once. I would have to separate it even more. And i think about to remove it again. Not sure yet.