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Hey Draise,

They have not disappeared, they have been handled and are already closed. The one has been fixed in master, and is marked as resolved. It will come with the next Bforartists version then. In the other issue there was nothing to fix since everything works as intended. At least as far as i could tell. You know that we don’t do support for video editing and game engine.



There is of course always the chance that the second issue is still an issue, and that i haven’t understood the problem well enough. Feel free to comment it, and to provide more information. We can reopen it at any point. But note that we cannot give support and fix documentation for addons. That’s the job of the addon developers, sorry. And that’s the problem here from what i have figured out.

Hmmm, you should get a notification when somebody posts in a tracker issue where you are involved. Everybody involved gets a email notification. Except when you have turned this feature off. Did you not get a email notification? Have you turned this feature off?

Kind regards