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The important bit at the moment is to have the icons onboard and at their place at all. Improvements can follow later :)

What makes it hard here is the sheer amount of icons. And the size, which is limited to 16 x 16 pixels.

I have no idea how things work. I’ve never compiled. 

I see a little problem here ^^

The icons themselves exists as one big icon sheet in svg format. A vector graphics file from Inkscape. The icons then gets converted into a png file. This png file gets split up into single icons in c format. And this single icons gets compiled into the software then. And so you would need to be able to compile Bforartists to see your changes in action.

When you are at Windows then this tutorial here could help you: https://bforartists.de/data/tuts/Building_Bforartists_with_Cmake_and_VS_2013_at_Windows_7.pdf

For Linux you might need to have a look at the Blender tutorial.