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Thanks for the further informations. I have already checked the mentioned lines of code. But they doesn’t say me anything.

Mh, have you Blender installed, or is it a zip file? Because Bforartists does not come as an installer version yet. Just the zip file. That could be a trouble maker too.

Or does the Renderman plugin have a setting that needs to be adjusted? Maybe it searches for Blender where it should search for Bforartists?

My current problem in general is that i haven’t managed to get the Renderman addon to work at all with Blender yet. I once tried, and couldn’t register to the Renderman page. Which made it impossible for me to download and install all needed files. And prevents me from even starting with the investigation.

As suggested, you could write the addon developer if he is willing to give a few hints here. Maybe he is even willing to fix the issue.