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Had it all set to defaults.

I did some testing. My Intuous3, if I ‘remove’ the drivers and use it as a mouse…behaves like a mouse (so no pressure sensitivity and no ‘extra tablet buttons’, and no proportional scaling for screen-to-tablet precision).  

My Huion doesn’t do anything; it just stops working…no mouse pointer movement, no clicking registration. But if I grab my mouse…the pointer moves, left clicks, right clicks, etc. But the tablet & pen behave as if it isn’t even plugged in. If I tab out of Bforartists to another open program or even the desktop, the tablet/pen works as if nothing happened. Tab back into Bforartists and POOF! Nothing. Mouse will work in Bforartists, but the Huion WH1409 seems to not be recognized at all. (oh, I’m using the Huion directly via the USB connection; it’s wireless if I plug in a USB reciever; same effect no matter which way I use it).

Anyway…seems Bforartists isn’t recognizing the Huion tablet at all. Bforartists doesn’t freeze or crash…it just completely ignores my Huion. I tried using Maya and MAX defaults as well…no change.