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Hi Ivan Paolus Tome,

Let’s see if i can answer your questions :)

Bforartists can be considered as a “Tohupuu” like ?

No. Bforartists is for the end users, not a playground for programmers. The Blender Tohupuu branch still exists from what i know. But Bforartists is completely independant from Blender. It is not a branch. It is a complete fork. With the goal to improve the user interface.

Are there install scripts to Linux maintainers ?

Install scripts does not exist. And are not neccessary. At least not that i know of. You clone the master at your system, install the dependencies and all needed software, and you should be ready to go.

Do you (coders) have a median grade team that could make a bridge for new coders ?

I had some helping hands here and there so far. But i am currently alone. And i fear i am of no big help when it comes to C. I hate it. And am still lost in big parts ^^

If even then we search for experienced programmers. My limited knowledge limits what the fork can be, i am no great programmer. But every helping hand is welcome :)

Kind regards