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Ah, cool, thanks for the reports :)

– the panels disposition cannot be recovered in BFA :/ It’s apparently saved because the panels are there if the file read in any version of Blender but not in BFA.

Could you provide a closer description here please what you mean? What panels?

– Everytime I go into the addons tab there’s an error/warning because that something is missing: space_view3d_spacebarmenu. Nothing critical, but weird. I played a lot with addons recently so now that I tried to use the Pie menus from 2.78 then removed them, I get a ‘missing script’ error message about it too.

The spacebar menu addon does not longer exist in Bforartists since quite a few menus that this addon lists does not longer exist. And so this addon is removed since Bforartists 0.6 when i remember right.

Bforartists is in development. I highly recommend to install Bforartists from scratch when you download a new version. This includes all settings files in the roaming folder.

Under Windows 7 it’s C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoaming. And here delete the whole folder Bforartists.

– we need 2.78 for Alembic import. And PBR compatibility Smile Actually the PBR materials do work with 2.76 (and so BFA .070 too) but the render result may be inaccurate in some cases.

The port to 2.78 is the next step. But this may need a pretty while. I need to go through all Bforartists changes now again, and apply it to 2.78. It’s done when it is done :)