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wow okay, actually I wanted to change the header background color but didn’t find that one ^^ It’s supposed to be the same grey as the rest (#474747 grey, according to the C4D UI style). Then eventually I decided to leave it like this because it’s nicer :) But yeah, if I’m not wrong just changing this header bakground in a lighter grey could easily do the trick. I would probably put it slighty lighter again to get a nice touch.

On a sidenote, the headers are tricky; it’s like they have an invisible darkener on them x) It only gets lighter when it’s activated, so for this special case to get #474747 you put #515151. I think #585858 would be nice :p

Another solution would be to keep the dark header and for the text re-use that dark orange #B26F30 (because life is not just black and white :p). It’s even nicer actually but not very “C4D proof” lol

That would also resolve the problem with the light background of the warnings