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Hey Draise :)

First the good news. It is planned to update the Bforartists version to Blender 2.78 at one point. And this point isn’t even this far away. There is not this much missing. But some parts are. And first i want to be through with all the changes before i start to port them over. Keep in mind that Bforartists is still in heavy development, and not finished. It hasn’t reached the production state yet.

The port. Well. It’s not as easy as creating a big patch and apply it at Blender 2.78a to get my changes applied there. That’s not how things works. It’s a bit more complicated. Quite a few vital parts have changed between 2.76 and 2.78. The Python version for example. And this means most probably that quite a few parts of my changes simply needs to be recreated. To repeat the steps at 2.78a will surely go a bit faster. But i still calculate with several months.

But i cannot give you a time frame, sorry. It takes as long as it takes.

I would suggest to come back when you see the version number become equal to or higher than 1.0 :)