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Hi Daniele,

You can’t simply copy over the files from Python 3.4. This will not work. Bforartists should install the required parts. It comes with its own Python.

Mh, i have Python 3.4.3 installed. This could be one last thought. Because the newest 3.4 version is 3.4.5. So what you could do is to remove Python 3.4.5, which you have most probably installed, and install version 3.4.3.

And when this doesn’t help, well, i fear then we have reached the end of the road. I am clueless. And our problem is still that we don’t have a mac to test and to find the pitfalls. And guessing doesn’t really help.

All i could suggest then is that you could try again once the migration to Bleder 2.78 is finished. Then you can use the official libraries from Blender again. But we talk about half a year or so, plus minus a few months. I haven’t even started the migration yet. Bforartists is still in deep development, and far away from production ready, even when it should be fully functional.

Kind regards