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Great to hear that our fixes had an effect. Sorry that it still does not work. But to repeat: we don’t have a Mac to test. Which makes things pretty complicated.

One last thought: OSL seems to be the trouble maker here. Not sure if wrong configured or dependencies missing*. You could try to turn off WITH_CYCLES_OSL in Cmake.

And in case you compile with Cuda ( the correct version is this one: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads-geforce-gtx9xx) , be very patient. This can take several minutes to finish.

*EDIT says, Mox Fulder means the OSL version that you use here is simply too new. But i have no idea where to find the older version that works with Bforartists.

As told, try to compile without OSL. OSL is not required. It is a scripting language for shaders. It’s a nice to have feature in case you are crazy enough to write your own shaders for Cylces.

And thanks for your patience. You helped us to fix at least the Cmake files :)