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Hey Argandos,

When you ask for additional addons for sculpting, then sorry, i have no idea. You could have a look for the custom blender build Dark Blender. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?383624-Dark-Blender-%28Official-Thread%29-optimized-for-sculpting-and-game-asset-creation

When your question is more general, everything that works in Blender 2.76 should also work in Bforartists. Plus minus a few things. For example, the addon might throw an error when the menu does not exist anymore where it wants to add itself. That’s the reason why i have removed the spacebar menu addon from Bforartists. The menu did not longer fit.

Bforartists is still in development. So it’s too early to fix such addons so that they work with Bforartists. But i might fix the one or another addon in the future.