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 Many thanks for your thoughts and suggestions :)

1. In Prefs/Add-ons, it would be great to have a slightly different color (slighty lighter or darker for example) for the addons which originally come up with the program. That way it would become easier to visually see which addon have been added so we can save them for later when we switch to a new release. Of course maybe there is a clever way, I don’t know.

2. To have a tiny title in the Properties tabs, like “Render”, “Materials”, “Particles” etc… I know, the popups are there but this could help a little.

There is no difference between the native ones and the external addons. The only difference is that the native ones comes with the software. And so there is no way to divide those two types, sorry. In the end all addons are external :)

The tiny title suggestion in the navigation bar of the Properties editor runs into a space problem. You have to use 16x icons here since the size is hardcoded. And 16 px doesn’t give you lots of space for text. Pure text buttons would be even more confusing here.

I also don’t see a way to do it technically besides changing the icon graphics, which would destroy the icon. You can either have icons or text with icons. And with text and icons the whole bar becomes super wide. I fear it remains as in Blender: you have to learn what icon is what functionality. It’s fortunately not this much icons here :)

3. At some point you need a Manual, even a very basic one. I guess it will be for a later release, when you find help to do it.

Already exists :)

It’s in the Wiki. The whole Blender manual is already converted and adopted to Bforartists: http://www.bforartists.de/wiki/Manual

I could of course separate it into its own page, and give it its own menu item at top level. But i wanted to keep the text parts together.

Needs thinking ^^


And that’s all for now… I see you removed the layers boxes from the menu bar, it’s not affecting me as it’s already present in the Properties editor.

 Yes, it was a double menu entry. And i want to free the menu bars from tools as much as possible. Since they tend to overlap with other editors.

There is also the Layer addon in the Tool Shelf to manage your layers.

Kind regards