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Hey Tetsuoo,

Thanks for your input, thoughts and suggestions. Much appreciated :)

but I think that you need to summarize as much as possible

That’s a good hint, thank you. I tend indeed to go into detail too much. I will do my best in the future to make a better summary and to get to the point :)

Also I could read the Features page but that’s basically listing Blender’s features. So it’s a bit misleading, it looks like you’re trying to sell a new software, while it’s only a fork (I need to make some research about that word, it’s new for me. I knew “frontend”, but not “fork” – I’m french btw)…

I don’t know the french name for forking a software, sorry ^^

A fork is a secession from the original software. Without any connection to the original development anymore. Like for Libre Office and Open Office. Libre Office is a fork of Open Office. The split point is usually the last connection between the original and the forked software. And this means a fork IS a new software. That’s why you make it a fork, and not a branch. The longer the development will go, the bigger the differences will become.

I have already changed lots in Bforartists. As you can see with the hotkeys and the icon buttons for example. And so most of the tutorials from Blender will not work proper for Bforartists anymore. The UI is too different already. Which means Bforartists needs its own eco system. With own tutorials and manual and own community etc. . As told, it is already a different software.

And so i have to list the Blender features since they are also the Bforartists features. To declare it to a branch of Blender by writing: it’s Blender with this and that differences, will not really lead to a goal here when you understand what i mean :)

Polishing the webpage is a task when we get close to the final version. And then especially the UI features description will be a bit different. But we will need much more time until we reach a stable. It’s all in development. I am in the middle of the process, Bforartists is at version 0.4. There is lots missing, and lots may change in the future. Making tutorials for example makes just sense when the UI is ready developed, and will not change dramatically anymore.

But you can help out when you find something to improve. Make a short tutorial for example. Or tell me what you would change at the description page in detail. I am open to any suggestion. Every helping hand is welcome :)

Kind regards