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Hi Reiner

I heard about BForArtists yesterday. I could never really get used to Blender because it looks like the devs make everything they can to make it off-standards with every action hotkey-related, which make the learning curve of this program very difficult, and the modeling tutorials hard to follow. And I love to try new things; Maya, Max, C4D, Modo, Zbrush, Softimage and so on. With a bit more effort I could get better in each of those (Modo is a bit weird to me), but Blender was always too much for me x)

So that’s why in the end I’m only a very occasional user, as I like the UV tools and the hair system (and that’s pretty much all, sorry I’m a Zbrush fanboy :p )

Now with your “fork” version I’m really happy with many choices you made here, reducing all these FUCKING HOTKEYS, the icons, and especially removing all the doubles. And the colored default theme is nice and refreshing as well, it reminds us all that we have no obligation to make everything DULL with only greys/dark tones. Color is beautiful !!

So I did a very simple test, with both version (original Blender and BFA) : Just create a box and extrude its faces. Pretty basic stuff with BFA. At first I couldn’t do it with Blender, the right click for selecting was disturbing, and I didn’t understand why this 3D cursor were in the way; I needed to learn how to use it first !! Like they say : RTFM xD

To me that’s already a first proof that BFA is easier to use, because even a rookie like me could do it without much effort.

That being said, I’ve read the 1rst part of BForArtists_UI_redesign_Designdoc (what a long name !), but it’s filled with explainations of why you changed this and that… It’s interesting, but I think that you need to summarize as much as possible because not everyone want to read all of this just to know what’s so good about BForArtists. Keep it simple if you want to attract more users.

Also I could read the Features page but that’s basically listing Blender’s features. So it’s a bit misleading, it looks like you’re trying to sell a new software, while it’s only a fork (I need to make some research about that word, it’s new for me. I knew “frontend”, but not “fork” – I’m french btw)…

Again, keep it simple and concentrate on BFA features. One shoudn’t have to read the whole page about every Blender feature to finally realize at the end of the page that it’s only about a better UI and a different approach of the same software.

(PS: I’ve read many of your posts, on the Blender forum, on your page as well, I can tell you’re talkative hehe ;) )