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I understand the idea and reasoning behind too good. I had such a link list at my tileset page also for a pretty while. The problem is, nobody will find your list. Because your page is unknown, and far far away from the top 100 google ranking. More below 100.000 or so. And to attract users with such a link list will not work. Let’s assume for a moment they really find your page. Then they will visit once or twice, and then they are gone again. You will not generate lots of traffic that way. Which means the page will stay unknown, and people will not find it because it is unknown.

Where imho such a list makes sense is a somehow bigger community page where people regularly asks for what software to use. That’s where my list comes from. I’m the admin of a german 3D community page. I remember also Gamedev.net has such a list in the graphics section in the forums: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/202348-3d–2d-software-information-check-here/

Anyways. Good luck with your link list :)