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Moved to the general user forum since the Developer area is for developing Bforartists ;)

Hi Alex,

Welcome aboard :)

Not sure what you want to achieve with your page. A google search at the topic makes much more sense. Since such a software list like at your page becomes quickly outdatet. And / or contains a too limited software list or lots of exotic software that nearly nobody uses.

But for the sake, let’s list a few graphics software. Note that this list is also already outdated here and there:

Free 3D Software

3D Crafter – Polygonmodeler

Anim8or – Outdated. was once popular.

Arbaro – Tree Generator

Autodesk 123D – Suite of four little applications

Art of Illusion – 3D Modeler, Renderer, Raytracer

Blender – Must have when you are short of money

DAZ Studio – A 3d showroom

K-3D – 3D Modeling and Animationsoftware

MakeHuman – Create human characters

Meshlab – Clean up 3D Scans.

Meshmixer – Sculpting and mesh mixing tool

OpenTeddy – Freiform – Sketch – basierter 3D Modeler

Sculptris – Sculptmodeler

SketchUp – Polygonmodeler, specialized at architectural stuff

Terragen Free Edition – Landscape generator

TreeD – Tree Generator

trueSpace – Complete 3D suite. Not longer developed since spring 2009

Wings3D – Polygonmodeler

Xnormal – Bakes Normalmaps, AO and Displacement. Texturprojection from Highpoly to Lowpoly.

Commercial 3D Software

DAZ – Bryce – Landscape generator. Low Budget

DAZ – Hexagon – Polygonmodeler. Low Budget

3D Coat – Voxel Sculpter with Retopo and Texture Painting / Unwrapping

3D Crafter Plus / Pro – Polygonmodeler

AC3D – Poylgonmodeler

Autodesk 3D Studio Max – Complete 3D Package

Autodesk Maya – Complete 3D Package

Autodesk MotionBuilder – Character Animation

Autodesk Mudbox – Sculpt Modele

Amorphium – 3D Modeling and Animations Package

Curvy3D – Sculptmodeler

Cinema4D – Complete 3D Package

DAZ – Carrara – Complete 3D Package

DeleD Pro – Polygonmodeler

Hash Animation Master – Character Animation

Houdini – Complete 3D Package

LightWave 3D – Complete 3D Package

Marvellous Designer – 3D clothing

MilkShape 3D – Modeling and animation. Heavily outdated. But lots of working im- and export formats.

Modo – Complete 3D Package

Poser – 3D showroom

Realsoft 3D – Complete 3D Package

Rhino3D – Nurbs Modeler

Silo – Polygonmodeler

SketchUp Pro – Polygonmodeler

Strata 3D – 3D Tools

Terragen – Landscape generator and renderer

Topogun – Retopologytool

Vue – Landscape generator and renderer

ZBrush – Sculptmodeler

netfabb – 3D Printing

FreeTexturing and Unwrap Tools

Roadkill – Unwrapper

UV Mapper Classic – Unwrapper

Commercial Texturing and Unwrap Tools

Blacksmith 3D Suite – 3D paint, morph, sculpt

Headus UV Layout – Unwrapper

Mari – 3D Painting

Ultimate Unwrap 3D – Unwrapper

Unfold 3D – Unwrapper

UV Mapper Pro – Unwrapper

Polygonreduktion Software

Atangeo Balancer – Polygonreduction

Polygon Cruncher – Polygonreduction

Free 2D Software

Allegorithmic Mapzone – Texture generator

ArtRage – Digital-Painting

Gimp – Graphics software

GraphicsGale – Pixelprogramm

Inkscape – Vektorzeichenprogramm

Krita – Zur Zeit einziges Open Source Grafikprogramm das 16 Bit pro Channel kann. Linux / Windows.

Mypaint – Digital-Painting

Paint.NET – Graphics software

Pinta – Graphics software

PhotoPlus Freeware – Graphics software

Ultimate Paint – Graphics software

PaintTool SAI – Graphics software

Commercial 2D Software

Adobe Illustrator – Vektorzeichenprogramm

Adobe Photoshop – Grafikprogramm

Allegorithmic Substance Designer – Texturgenerator

Autodesk Alias – Sketching, modeling, surfacing

Corel DRAW – Graphics software

Corel Paint Shop Pro – Grafikprogramm

Corel Painter – Digital-Painting

PhotoFiltre – Graphics software

PhotoLine – Graphics software

PhotoPlus – Graphics software

PhotoStudio – Graphics software

Clip Studio Paint – Graphics software for Manga, Illustration and Animation

Free 2D Animation Software

Synfig Studio – 2D Animationsuite. Open Source

Commercial 2D Animation Software

CACANi – 2D Animationssuite

Toon Bloom – 2D Animationssuite

Anime Studio – 2D Animationssuite

Compositing, Post Produktion + Tracking

Natron – Digital Compositing, Open Source Nuke Clone

Nuke – Digital Compositing. There is a free and a commercial version

Fusion – Digital Compositing. Digital Compositing. There is a free and a commercial version

After Effects – Post Production

Mocha – Tracking / Post Production

Flame – High-end 3D visual effects software

Smoke – Video Editing auf dem Mac

Katana – Post Production. Industry standard

HDR Software

Photogenics – HDR

hdrshop – HDR

Miscellaneous 3D

Mixamo – Online Rigging Service and Character creation

Virtualrig – Blursoftware for Motionblur, at cars for example

Model File Format Konverter

Deep Exploration – Classical File Format converter

Polytrans – Classical File Format converter

Open 3D Model Viewer – File Format converter. Uses Assimp.



Note that Bforartists is still in development. So not sure if it should be listed at such a software list at the moment.