Windows Installer / Gets Blocked (because of missing Author)

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When trying to install BforArtists with the Windows installer I get a warning, that the author of the software is not known and it is potentially dangerous.

If I override the suggestion from windows and click install anyway, my Antivirus (AVG) detects it as dangerous ( which I believe it is not. I-m so happyWink ), blocks it and sends it for analysis to their server.

Not sure how you could "sign" the installer to avoid this?

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Wed, 09/13/2017 - 20:54
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Hey Davis,

Thanks for the heads up. I fear there is no solution besides to report the false positive to AVG. Which you already have done. Let's hope this solves the issue with the next update.

The other solution would be to get rid of this crap. Nothing worse than a permanently running antivirus software ...

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Most other software does not come with such severe warnings, so I am not sure into which database you would have to include the installer to be considered safe also from Microsoft?

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It's arbitrary. And not under influence of the developers. Sometimes it's enough to enable internal zipping already, which i have. Not readable by Antivirus = must be evil like hell.

I battle since many years against false positives with my games and softwares. But let's wait how quick AVG reacts here, and what the result is. Maybe we have really the very unlikely case that something has made it through at my end. Even when i scan regularly. Avast doesn't detect problems with the installer here.

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I can confirm, even without AVG or any other third party antivirus, I just use Windows 10 and it regisetered it as "unregistered". Gave it the go ahead anyway.

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Thanks for the report Draise. Then we have a bigger problem than thought -.-

I don't have Windows 10. What does "unregistered" mean?


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Just curious, did the installer for the previous version work? Maybe i lost a setting while migrating to the new version.

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Tried out the 0.9.2 installer and it didin't give me the warning. Tried out the 0.9.4 installer and sure enough.

Here is some info I found digging a little on certification and how to include it into installers, but you must have done it right earlier with the 0.9.2 installer.


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Thanks for this shot Draise. And nope, there the digital signature is also off I-m so happy

Let's have a look if it helps to build the installer with signature Smile

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Some readings later ...

What the heck did Microsoft do with exe installers? This is crazy. I would have to BUY a certificate. That's around 500 dollar a year. And this will definitely not happen. This means our installers will not be certified.

I still wonder why it doesn't moan with the 0.9.2 installer. All settings are the same Sad


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No solution. There is nothing that we could do here, besides buying a license. So closing this issue as unresolveable ...

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)
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Another thought on this. - When I opened the test build from the folder, I get an AVG warning. That also does not happen with any other software, also not with any blender experimental builds. - The false positives might not be related to the missing signature of the installer, but to the way the .exe file is written?


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Narp, that's just one of those false positives. The only thing that might help is to report it so that they fix it.