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One thing that i miss from trueSpace is the solid wireframe mode. Which is great to judge the meshflow and the structure. In Blender we don't have this mode directly. But we can achieve this by doing some adjustments in the object settings. Which needs quite a few clicks. And just works for the current selected object.

So the idea is a new Viewport shading mode called Solid Wireframe. Not sure how hard this is to implement though.

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Fri, 09/04/2015 - 13:19
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Postponed until somebody with a clue about this issue joins I-m so happy

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Hmmmm. There is a checkbox in the Object settings to display the mesh as wire in Object mode. So the task is to do exactly that globally, to all objects in the scene.

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Possible solution inside here:

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Wrong alert. Not in this addon. Maybe in an older version?

Let's search a bit more ...

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Seems that i have to write my own script here. Investigating ...

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Hm. What we need is an extra button besides the dropdown box. And this button has to activate and to deactivate the show wire functionality in the objects of the scene.

Currently you would have to open the Display tab of at least one object in the scene, tick show wire, select all objects in the scene, right click at show wire, and choose copy to selected to apply this settings to the selected objects. And then repeat this step with the show all edges checkbox. Nothing impossible. But involves a few secret steps that a normal user would never think of. - This gives me already a list of needed steps for the script. Now let's have a look if i can manage it ...

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GODDAMN HARDCODED MENU PARTS111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once more stopped by the oh so fabulous Blender code design. The whole menu bar that contains the dropdown and button elements is hardcoded in C.


Only snapping is implemented extra. I cannot simply place my button besides the shading dropdown box ... -.-

I am not happy to have it so far away from where i need it. Maybe we could also place it into the view menu. Or add a button in the shading tab in the Properties sidebar. This one would make most sense. We have already other shading options here.

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There is already a script that does what i want. It can be found here:

It has a bit more options than thought. But is self explaining, and works very fine. Excellent work. I will simply include this script and activate it by default.

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