Uv/Image Editor, UV Sculpt, reassigned hotkeys gets created under Windows

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I have added two buttons for radial control in UV Sculpt mode in UV/Image editor. They work as intended. They control size and strength. But they did not show the hotkey in the tooltip. And reassigning hotkeys created the hotkey nodes in the Window section, not in the UV Sculpt sub section in the UV/Image section. What worked for the other added buttons for radial control fails here.

This needs investigation. The hotkey nodes must be sorted into their sections in some way. Maybe we can readd the two comrads here back to the UV Sculpt section.

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Tue, 12/01/2015 - 19:16
Fri, 12/11/2015 - 09:42


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I will not investigate further here. This stays a minor glitch. And those buttons might disappear in the nearer future again. I am not happy about them. But they are needed at the moment for the GUI redesign. Important is that everything that needs a graphical element is present in the UI.


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This one strikes back. It throws errors now with the F and Shift F hotkey that i have reassigned here. Seems that something in the settings is not as intended. The hotkeys should not work in the 3D view at all.

Reinvestigating ...

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Two issues it seems. I stil search for the reason why the two buttons for UV Sculpting in the UV Image Editor aren't connected with their nodes in the right categories. Which is issue number one, and came up while investigating this issue.

The second issue is the one from the title. That the new created hotkeys gets created in the Windows seciton. And this one affects all the buttons that i have created for radial control. When i remove the hotkeys and reassign them, then the nodes gets created in the Windows section.

Not sure how i should deal with this. Fact is i cannot leave it that way. When a user changes the hotkey, then that was it. Functionality broken.

One solution would be to throw out the buttons again. I wasn't really happy about them anyways. It would be enough when there would be a visual hint about the hotkeys somewhere. Adding the buttons was the cheap and fast version of it. So i would be green to simply throw them out again when i could display the hotkeys in another way.

On the other hand, i have added quite a few more buttons in the UI. And i am sure that this issue here strikes back at other places in the one or another way. So the more bullet proof way would be to fix the actual issue to have a solution when this one strikes back at other locations.

Needs definitely further thinking and investigation.

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Task: remove the buttons again. It's too dangerous.

We could try to display the shortcut in the tooltip of the slider.

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The optimum, to display the hotkeys in the tooltips turned out to be impossible without a bigger rewrite. Inlcuding multiline Tooltips, which is another issue.

I am still not happy not to dislay anything. I want to have at least a description about hidden hotkey functionality. To have everything in the Ui that needs an UI entry is an essential step for later, when we redesign some parts of the UI.

So i have chosen an intermediate solution. We will revisit all those panels and toolbars in a later step anyways. I have simply placed some strings that tells you about the hotkeys. Those strings are of course just valid as long as you don't change those hotkeys. But this hotkeys exists in all standard keymaps from what i have seen. And i don't expect to have millions of users in this development step.

So, the buttons are removed again, and replaced by strings.

Fixed in master


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