Tree Blobs

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This was done in BFA, sculpting and everything, including the leaf system I develop for it later. I exported these trees to Unreal Engine later bu initially had them rendering with a LOD system in cycles.

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Thanks for posting this. It reminded me that I need to go to the supermarket. The green, leafy blobs remind me of marshmallow candy. Not that I'm going to go and buy some marshmallows now, but the next time I go camping I'll be sure to put them on my list. After all, who doesn't like to toast marshmallows over a campfire? I speak as an American. Too bad I'm allergic to chocolate, or I could make 'smores.

George A. Rushing

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Alergic to chocolate!? No!


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Nice stylised tree. - I guess the noise is intentional? - Somehow I think it would look better with less noise on the tree itself.

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Yeah, was intentional, not a final render.