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Just stumbled across a Drupal module that allows to have a tip of the day at the webpage. https://www.drupal.org/project/quotations

Question is, where to show. Best would be the front page, but that's pretty crowded already. So i would vote for the wiki instead. Or at the top of the forum? We will see. It really depends of the size of the tips.

What we definitely need is quotations for the tip of the day. Any suggestion is welcome Smile

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We need some categories. UI is one. Workflow would be one. Special tool advices maybe?

Some first ideas:

General - You can always use the Blender keymap when you want to follow Blender tutorials.


 UI - The toolbar at the top is customizable. When you don't need some of the menus, then simply hide it. When you need more menus, then add it. Don't forget to save the User Settings in the user preferences then to make the changes permanent.

UI - You can show the Editortype menu when you right click at the header, and untick Hide Editor Type Menu.


UI -  Some areas like the Tool Shelf can be scaled with moving with the mouse over it, holding ctrl, and dragging with middle mouse button. You can reset the scaling with pressing the home key ( pos 1)


General - Sometimes it is faster to use a hotkey instead of a button. Sometimes it is faster to use a button instead of a hotkey.


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Plugin is installed. And shows in the forum below the Recent Topics block. Many thanks to MuxFolder. I was once more too dumb for drupal here ...

Now let's add some more content Smile

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Tip 5 to 10

To reduce memory useage don't use "Duplicate objects", but "Duplicate linked" from the Object menu. The new object will then share the same mesh data with the original mesh.

Proportional editing is not only a modeling tool. It can also be used for other things. Like to distribute objects across the scene. Rocks or Plants for example.

 Use damped track for eye tracking. Track to Constraints is handy for pointing at a target. But not so good for eyes. Since it is based at Euler angles.

Shape keys are not only for facial animations. They can be used to correct animation poses too.

 You can report bugs from within Bforartists. Have a look in the Help menu at the top, the menu point Report a bug.

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I will add more tips every now and then. For now i'm unasigning ...

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NICE! I will also make graphics with the quotes to post to the page!


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Graphics ? ShokBiggrin

This would require some more testing and tweaking. Currently just text is working Smile


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I had a look, and adding graphics may be possible. But then we would have a layout problem. The graphics would be attached like in a forum thread. Do not want!

I fear it will remain to be pure text Smile

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 Tip 11 to 15

  • If you keep changing the same settings in new scenes over and over again, save a custom startup file.
  • When updating to a new version of BfA that is based at a new Blender version, you can import all the settings from the previous version by the click at the "Copy Previous Settings" button on the splash screen.
  • Use "render border" to only render and preview a part of the image and save render time.
  • Use the Ctrl-1,2,3,4 keys to quickly assign and change the "Subdivision Surface" modifier.
  • You can use the text search in the complete PDF manual to quickly find what you are looking for.

Tip 16 to 20

  • Use layers to organise your scene and easily create different lighting settings.
  • The principaled shader is easy to use and lets you create 90% of all the materials you can think of.
  • Use "recover last session" or "recover auto save" to recover your scene after a crash.
  • When you click close on BforArtists, think twice, before clicking OK! Modified Textures for example are not saved with the scene. You have to export them separately.
  • Hit F12 to render an image and CTRL F12 to render an animation.

Tip 21 to 25

  • Use branched path tracing in cycles to take full control of quality and render time.
  • Tick "create UVs" in the last operator panel when creating primitives to avoid having to UV unwrap them later.
  • Use HDRI environments to quickly generate realistic reflections and lighting.
  • Bevel, bevel, bevel! There are no sharp corners in reality. So there should be none in your scene if you are going for realism.
  • Share your work in the "Art Corner" to get feedback and critique on your project.
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Ah, I mean graphics posts with the quote only for Facebook. Images engage better than just text.

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I see. That's of course true Smile

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Note that i will add new tips blockwise in blocks of 5. So next update is when we have five more tips.

Tip 26 to 30

  • The toolbar at the top is one big double menu entry. All menu items exists elsewhere. But here they are faster accessible, and you can customize it to your needs.
  • With Global/Local View (Hotkey / ), you can display and focus just the selected objects.
  • Sometimes you want to hide the unselected geometry. This can be done with Hide unselected (Hotkey Shift H)
  • Navigated yourself away?  Click at the Reset View Tool in the header of the 3D view. Or hit hotkey asterisk above the Numpad numbers.
  • The 3D cursor can be hidden and locked when you don't need it. Have a look in the Properties sidebar.

Tip 31 to 35

  • You can have the 3D widget display all three states (move, rotate and scale)  at once by shift clicking at the buttons.
  • You can be in all three edit modes, edge, vertice and face select, at once by shift clicking at the buttons to select them all.
  • Tired of clicking at the widget button in the header to show or hide the 3d widget? Hotkey Q will show or hide the 3D widget.
  • A quad workflow will make your polygon modeling life much easier. Lots of modeling tools requires quads to work. And a quad mesh topology is much easier to judge and to weight.
  • There is no rule. Everything working is allowed.

Tip 36 to 40

  • Boolean is not evil. But requires clean up work at the topology afterwards in the very most cases. This is sometimes slower than modeling the needed topology with other techniques. But sometimes it is faster.
  • Use as much geometry as necessary, but as little as possible.
  • You can reset the position of the 3D cursor in the right click menu of the location edit boxes in the Properties sidebar. Reset all to default values ...
  • You can reset the position of the 3D cursor with the menu item Center Cursor and View all in the View menu of the 3D view.
  • You can set the position of the 3D cursor with key combo alt + rmb



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Tip 41 to 45

  • When you hold down Shift key when you Move Rotate or Scale an object, then the transformation has a higher precision. It goes much slower, and gives you more control.
  • Transformation can be limited to one axis by pressing the transformation tool (move , rotate or scale), and then typing in the letter in which axis you want to transform. X for X axis for example.
  • When you move, rotate or scale an object along one axis, then you transform it in World coordinates. When you want to transform it in local axis spaace simply tip the axis key twice. For example Hitting X key once will transform in World X axis. Hitting X key twice will transform in Local X axis.
  • If possible UV seams should be at locations where they are not so visible.
  • Don't forget to have some spacing between UV patches. In worst case you will have some bleeding effects from neighbour pixels when there is no gap between the UV Patches.
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Tip 46 to 50

  • You can use an image as a snapping grid in the UV Image Editor. Load an image, and tick Snap to Pixels in the Options tab of the Tool Shelf ...
  • The Info Editor gives you a list of the last used tools, including the Python names. This is not only useful for programmers.
  • The Info editor is closed in the default layout. You can either switch to Scripting layout to see its content. Or pull down the Toolbar, then the header of the Info bar, to reveal the content.
  • The timeline is closed in the default layout. You can either switch to animation layout to see it opened. Or pull the 3D view header upwards a bit.
  • Tool Shelves can be opened and closed with hotkey T. Properties sidebars with hotkey Ctrl + T
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Tip 51 to 55

  • Use Simplify in the Properties Editor / Scene tab to have quicker preview renderings and a better responding viewport with Rendered display method.
  • Save often, save very often, and don't forget to save often. And you better do this under another file name. Then there is always a way back to previous states.
  • You can use the key combination Alt+Mousewheel to scroll through the frames of an animatiion.
  • You can pack textures into the blend file and unpack them in the FIle / External Data menu.
  • The search menu provides you with access to all available tools. So when you search something and cannot find it in the UI, hit spacebar, and type in the term that you are looking for.
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Tip 56 to 60

  • Holes in a sculpt mesh can be filled in Edit mode with first selecting non manifold geometry, then use the Fill tool to fill the holes.
  • To convert an edge ring selection into a face loop selection don't switch to face select. Since this will remove the selection. But to vertex select. This also works with neighbour edge loops.
  • You can select a faceloop by selecting the face, then clicking at one of the edges of the face. This will select the faceloop in this direction.
  • To remove Data blocks like textures or materials from the scene make sure they don't get used in the scene anymore (including fake users). Then save, close and reopen the scene. And the data should be removed from the scene.
  • When you want to keep textures or materials in the scene that has no user in the scene, then create a fake user for it. This little " F " button in the corresponding edit box ...
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Tip 61 to 65

  • When you hold down Shift while using the Transform translate or Transform Scale widget, then you can move or scale in the level of the other two axis.
  • When you hold down control when moving an object with the transform translate widget, then you get a snapping by a unit of one.
  • You can change the influence radius for proportional editing with the mouse wheel or the Page up Page down arrows while HOLDING DOWN the mouse button for translate, rotate or scale.
  • Bforartists has Wireframe colors. They can be found and adjusted in the Display panel in the Object tab in the Properties Editor. And also from the Shading panel in the Properties sidebar.
  • For 3D printing, the most common file format is STL
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Tip 66 to 70

NLA Editor -  To remove a clip, select the clip in the clip area, then press delete. To remove the whole track, select the track in the track list at the left, then press delete.

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Ported to github. Closing.

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