[Support] Addon shortcuts override BFA's shortcuts? How? Why?

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I found some addons override shortcuts in BFA, including the official Pie Menus and Kinorow tools. There are others that may also conflict. I was wondering... is this by design? How does the source deal with these types of entries? Which hotkey has priority? Higher in the listcode  Lower?

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Sat, 01/20/2018 - 15:07
Thu, 01/25/2018 - 16:15


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Hm, the pie menu shouldn't conflict with the BFA map. The tab key is BFA free. Or do you mean something else?

The conflicts was one of the reasons why i wanted to reintegrate the Blender hotkeys. The Blender keymap has grown over years, and most hotkey conflicts are resolved alredy.

It's in general a trial and error process. The non addon entries have of course higher priority. But when necessary and if it makes sense we can also change them.

Which hotkey is working and which not in a conflict case, i have no idea. In ideal case we should not have hotkey conflicts.

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Ironically the Pie hotkey conflicted with native Blender hotkeys, essentially overwriting them and making those entries defunct. They do not for BFA, but the Blender spliced keys we are trying to integrate.

Also wondering, because Kinorow tools for the Clip editor and VSE add a Q and W hotkey that overwrite the typical W of BFA. Not cool.

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Hm. Bforartists keymap has highest priority.

I am not really happy to fix hotkeys in addons. They should have valid working menu entries.


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Found the entries. Seems some common maps like Animation override others.

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