Statues of Sira

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"The alien civilization of Sira was long extinct when space archeologists discovered the monumental statues on the remains of the planet. It is thought that an asteroid impact destroyed the planet, consequently shattering it into a thousand pieces. Other studies seem to point towards an intergalactic war and a weapon, more powerful and terrifying than any other known to man. ... ... ... To be continued."

Pure, modeled in BforArtists, rendered in Cycles with 500samples, post work in Photoshop.
Modeling, sculpting, procedual materials, cell fracture, particles, rendered in layers for easier post production. - It all starts to come together. I-m so happy ... These weekend challenges are a really great way to learn and improve in BforArtists.

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Hello DAVIS,

Interesting statues of...what now? This close to New Year's Eve we could put party hats on them and pretend they are living beings waiting for the countdown to midnight at Times Square.


"A toast to our monolithic friends."

George A. Rushing

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My favorite so far! Beautiful.