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Some results

With some results I'm happy with others not so much, but reason is program limitation. Needed make some workarounds.


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Nice one! What workarounds did you need? and what limitations did you find?


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I had some issue with anti-aliasing. Id_mask works but it`s make some fake effect. I Create Id masks with Emission shader it better AA for my project. Volume with ObjectId dont work very good as well, Object is full with noise.

It`s some issue i had.

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Some cool stuff here, I like the candy colored blocks a lot. ... Show some more. Wink

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Very nice images Smile

Volumetrics is always problematic when you want to have it noise free. It takes eons. But there is relief ahead. Bforartists 0.9.3 comes, like Blender 2.79,  with Denoiser and Filmic. This will solve quite a few issues.

For antialias, sometimes it helps to render the image in double size and scale it down at the end. Gives a crisp look then.

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