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In Sculpt Mode, there is a Tools tab with a Dynatopo panel. This does seem to be a reoccuring global brush feature - raising the UI issue that some of these panels are global and more "sculpt options" instead of local brush "tool options". Either we need to unify the "Brush" panel or remove the Global Options (Dynatopo and Symmetry) into the Options Tab or this entire panel and workflow can be entirely changed and optimized. After discussion, each will be made into a new task:

  1. [Suggestion] Entire panel could be moved to Options Tab Why? Because these are global brush options, not individual brush settings.
  2. [Alternative Suggestion] Dynatopo basic options could be house under "Global Brush Options panel" with minimized Dynatopo and Symmetry options, and all the advanced options moved to the Option Tab - and the Dynatopo toggle as a button with icon. Why? Because these are global brush settings with many options, the options could be placed in the Options tab but a toggle and quick settings could be reorganized into a new and unique "Global Brush Options" panel to toggle these from the tools tab with basic settings instead of switching tabs every time I'd need to make a change to global brush options - keeping the global settings minimal but advanced in the Options Tab.
  3. [Suggestion] Toggle needs to be removed from Header and created into a button + icon Why? Because a toggle switch in a header.. I think this is a strange feature to have in a header. It is consistent with some other panels like Motion Blur or Freestyle - but personally I'd prefer an icon and button within the panel or UI in the brush settings. But I can see the pro's of having it in the header. This one is debateable. 
  4. [Task] Icons in buttons Why? To keep it consistent with a visual workflow and make it cross language barriers
  5. [Suggestion] Advanced zip group to keep panel small. Unless Alternative Suggestion in 2 be implemented, this wouldn't be necessary If some features no seperated into two areas, then keep them together with advanced toggle. If common toggles and features are in "Global Brush Options" panel and rest in Options Tab - then no need.
  6. [Suggestion] Symmetry Panel is a double feature entry and could be removed or moved to the Symmetry Panel Why? It's a redundant non-live feature that doesn't add any new featureset. It has a confusing axis mirror system and the feature works with the Symmetry panel. These could be moved to the Symmetry panel under it's own Dynatopo group OR be removed completely because it's a double feature.
  7. [Suggestion] Smooth Shading is a view/appearance option that could either be in Option Tab or in the Property Shelf under Shader Panel - bordering on a double entry. Why? Because this is an appeareance/shader option toggle that shouldn't even be in the tools or in this panel - but in the options Tab or Property Shelf>Shader
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Seven tasks at once. Please split it up Smile

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