Sculpt Toolbar and Sculpting Workflow Improvements - Feature Request

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Just saw a paid addon that created and minimalized (and put to a top bar not unlike the toolbar) all the sculpt options (with quick mouse over and minimized ui and brushes on quick mouse over grab - also dynamic to new brushes + new brush sets)..

I think it is great. But then the idea got my eye that maybe BFA could have a Sculpt toolbar, instead of a scrolling tab switching like workflow for sculpitng or the other ideas discussed with a similar workflow like that of the Node Panel (brushes as mouse over buttons).

What happens if the toolbar had brushes? What happens if there is an icon similar to the import/export popup icon that pulls up a sculpting panel/options/sliders in the Toolshelf? What if we minimize the toolshelf settings to make it less bloated? What if we make brushes icon buttons in the toolshelf like in the other thread (I know you can assign to buttons/icons in the UI due to ability to assign shortcuts to burshes)?

I was wondering, because the workflow can be improved, especially after starting to sculpt more in BFA. I found myself resorting to shortcuts for quick brush changes just like in Blender, and that clearly is still way too clunky. I have to memorize 10s of shortcuts to understand what I'm doing. it's hard enough sculpting and using F for radius and Shfit+F over and over again for different things. I just wanted to see... maybe this could oneday be improved.

I have attached some images of what the workflow could look like:

Doesn't have to be soon or anything, just thought it could be improved and some ideas out there are good.


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The addon looks really nice. Would be cool if we could implement the one or another thing.

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Draise, we need to divide this into smallest possible tasks. One monster task is not manageable. The subtab to hide away not necessary things could be one task. To put Radius and Strength props into the toolbar chould be one task. And so on.

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Good idea.


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Um, i meant you Biggrin

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hahahahaha ok sure! I will draw up the plans/tasks this evening.

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Tasks I'll make:

  • Tab Options
  • Tab Tools > Brush
  • Tab Tools > Texture
  • Tab Tools > Stroke
  • Tab Tools > Dynatopo
  • Tab Tools > Symmetry/Lock

Feature Request I'll make:

  • Toolbar > Sculpt Group
  • Toolbar > Sculpt Group
  • Tab Tools > Brush Groups Library filter
  • Tab Tools > Brush library filters to panel
  • Tab Tools > New Royalty free sculpt brushes based off other art programs/artists
  • Investigate > Advanced Sculpt Brushes workflow, code and developers
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Looks great Smile

To divide the task into manageable chunks is the secret of development Smile

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I will first make a task with sub tasks as "Investigation" before making the smaller tasks of each... because each panel has a number of improvements that could be debated or done.

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Phew, that took a while. Now have to run. I will work on the feature requests later.

The dev of the Advanced Brush addon kindly gave me a sample to try it out . Meaning I can take a look at how they made the UI panel and see how it works.

Hope the first investigation tasks generate some good conversation - I tried to stick to ideas of  BFA, using the zip groups, iconizing, removing double entries and reorganzing. There is one major flaw I found that was making things super bloated - is that Dynatopo and Symmetry are Global brush options - and they are located in the "Local Brush" panels in the Tool Tab. I proposed two solutions there respectively that might be nice (without doing double entries) that also minimalizes the workflow.


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Ok, put in some tasks, about half of them. The others I have to check them a bit more before posting and I need to work again, so will be later. 

Pending tasks/themes to put up:

  • Tab Tools > Symmetry/Lock
  • Tab Tools > Dynatopo
  • Tab Tools > Texture
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Ported to github. Closing.

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