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As mentioned in the forums multiple times in attempts to suggest a better sculpting workflow (and potential texture painting workflow), I wanted to pitch this addon and the concept behind it. 

Look here and here

Like the Node Icons panel developed for BFA, having a similar tab with icon based brushes would be ideal for a mouseover click brush selection, keeping consistency with other UI elements. Some of the Bursh settings also have been minimized, meaning that the idea that there be advanced/simple interface might be helpful.

This addon may not necessary need to be included, as cannot due to licensing:  "CC-BY License, ack. CC 0 is compatible with GPL, but CC-BY not", as they also ship new brushes, but the concept is a working one and I have used it more often than the default click on icon to open brushes pane then select, W specials key from Blender, Pie Sculpt menu, Dynamic Spacebar brushes sub menus.. nothing beats a single mouseover click activation.

The current workflow with click on bush icon into a panel that is limited to 3x7 panel you have to scroll or search in, then click to select is a bit much. 

Issues with the addon right now is that the panel needs to refresh to update the list manually. It cannot be included by default due to licensing. Icon rows are double column and the names are hard to see. Icons don't always update correctly to the brush icon. Brushes only work for Sculpting. The whole panel is located in it's own tab, and the brush settings become a double menu entry (ideally shold be included in the same Tools panel)

I would love to suggest ripping some concepts or code from this and have this placed by default into BFA into the Tools panel, as texture painting and sculpting is probably one of the major artistic features BFA offers, giving it some mouseover click select love would be ideal!




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Sounds like we have to develop our own addon here I-m so happy

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No takers so far. And i am not really keen to write such an addon.


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If I knew more about making addons I guess I could, after finishing the other projects. I really do want to contribute - I am not sure how much I can rip from here in the future, and how we would design it into the workflow.. but then again we can always still discuss it as to how to assimulate this concept/develop it. I'll see if I can provide some of my studio cashflow into development ad someone who is good at it here into BFA sometime mid year next. 

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This would be fantastic Smile

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Ported to Github. Closing.

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