SB - Pilot Episode environment

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I created this environment (includes about an acre of land and the interior of a log house) for a client, and thought it safe to show an angle not used in the final product. I can't say this was all built in BFA, but the whole project was principally done in BFA, including terrain, animatic cameras and animation, rigging (facial rigging principally with Animation Nodes), sculpting and layout for most of the foilage - with the leaf instancing and UV's of everything, including terrain textures done in BFA.

It was good to see how much more comfortable I felt in BFA, and a lot of my contributions for bugs and improvements came out of my work on this project. In the end we delivered somewhat on time, with some renders in Cycles done on the cloud - but they were taking too long even with Amazon instancing and my internet bottleneck, so we did these terrains in Unreal Engine - running at 15fps, lower than a realtime game, but still enough to get the renders going for the 1.5 minute animation. Not to mention Unreal Engine handled the instancing like a champ, the symbiosis was great workflow.

So, modeling of most small props were done in Softimage; terrain, rocks, fence layout and trees and star props in BFA along with composition and cameras; render in Unreal Engine.

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Impressing landscape: I like it Smile

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This looks really great. 15 frames per second rendering in the game engine is not bad at all for the resulting image. That way the animation was rendered in 3 minutes vs two weeks I guess? I-m so happy ... I hope to see the full animation once it is released. Great job.

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Yehp! Rendered out so quickly that I couldn't even make a cup of coffee.


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It's mostly green, which is my favorite color. It reminds me of one of the botanic gardens here in Southern California. The light is even hazy as it sometimes is at the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino.


George A. Rushing

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Oh, an incase you were wondering, concerning exporting and importing cameras from BFA to UE... the best way to do it is by exporting a geometry null constrained to the Blender camera, bake the animation, flatten the animation into a clip, export that null with animation, import to Unreal Engine, apply the animation, then add a track constraint to an UE Camera onto the imported null. Camera animation in FBX from BFA or Blender is a b****, and the official system is ridiculous, using 3 cameras per 1 camera animation. So the workaround with geometry nulls containing camera animation is a good workaround, and if the axis are off, you can just rotate the camera in the right place and still keep the track on the null animated to worldspace.


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Let's see what Eevee can do once it's finished. Minimal rendertime with decent image quality straight within BfA would be fantastic.