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Another weekendchallenge entry, the theme is "default cube". Nothing fancy this week. Just a volumetric lighting experiment. Pure, modeled in Bfa, rendered in Cycles.

"Did you know, that default cubes are made out of suzannes? ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) - #stopusingdefaultcubes" I-m so happy

Have a great weekend everyone.

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hahahahahaha love this one. It's quite funny.

I found the denoiser is really good for volumetrics, and rendering them out on another pass really makes it nice, so upp the samples with no volumetrics, then render out the volumetrics seperately with quite a high denoiser value.




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That´s a good idea, to composit the volumetrics in later. I had to go up to 4000 samples for this one to make it look acceptable.

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Hello Davis,

The Decorative Stack of Boxes that I posted to the gallery on October 6 was started using the default cube in Blender, and modified with BeForArtists and Paint.net. It's actually fun to see how many things one can make from the default cube and the Suzanne head. One of my favorites is to use the Suzanne head as a crab cactus planter hung from a ceiling with macrame cords. It makes Suzanne look somewhat like the Gorgon Medusa.


George A. Rushing