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The more i try to adjust the Blender manual to Bforartists the more i stumble across the current shortcomings. It is close to impossible to find a menu item and the description for it because of the current structure. It follows no real pattern, and some menus and menu items aren't even mentioned and listed.

For example, i tried to find the Make Vertex Parent menu. The only thing that i have found is a description how to add a vertex parent. A little tutorial. The manual is no tutorial though. It's the reference. With a as short and clear as possible listing of the available tools and a short ( and i mean short) description what it does. This can include a little tutorial, to explain how the tool works. But first has to come the menu item and a short description of the tool. Because without the menu item the user doesn't even know that the tool exists.

And the more you dive into it the bigger the can of worms becomes. The current manual is unsearachable and unnavigatable. I fear i have no other choice than to rewrite the whole manual, step by step. Or at least some chapters. Another manyear of work, minimum ...

First chapter is already the biggest one. The 3D view. But it's the most important one. So let's start with it.

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Title: Rewrite the manual parts for the editors - 3D View » Rewrite the manual parts for the editors
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I have started with the Layouts first

New chapter added. 2.2 - Layouts.pdf

Now we have double entries in chapter 2 - Interface. Needs to be removed.

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Title: Rewrite the manual parts for the editors » Rewrite the manual partly
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Deleted the vital parts from chapter 2. And extended 2.2 a bit more.

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Tool shelf chapter in progress since many weeks, and still lots to do. What have i started here I-m so happy

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Finally, the tool shelf chapter is finished. Next is the header ...

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Whoops, forgot quite a few chapters. That's the result when you work since months at something and think you are done I-m so happy

Missing is Pose mode for armature. Missing is mesh object in all other modes but object and edit mode. Some more weeks of work ...

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Started the manual part for the properties sidebar.

3.1.2 3D View by tools - Properties Sidebar.

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3.1.2 is up since a few days. Forgot to add it here.

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Status: Active » Needs work
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We have the icons implemented. So i am starting the chapter 3D View header now. Again lots of modes and myriads of menus. Let's have a look how many months it needs ...

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Ported to Github. Closing.

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