Rendertab, Sampling and LIght Paths panels, Subtabs doesn't show content

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Yet another showstopper. The Options in the Sampling and Light path panels doesn't show.

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Tue, 09/19/2017 - 21:16
Wed, 09/20/2017 - 12:49


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This is a pretty big bug. When do you think it will be fixed? Will you release another 0.9.5?

Maybe there should be some Release Candidates in the downloads before a release. I don't mind waiting and testing before an official release.


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Draise, while i understand your worries, could you please keep out such discussions from the tracker? The tracker is about defining and fixing issues. And every talk in the tracker should go about the current issue. General discussions fits best into the forum Smile

To make it short, it is done when it's done. Of course i think about an immediately version 0.9.5. But there will not be a release for every single bug. This makes no sense. Currently i think more about rechecking all tabs and rechecking if really everything arrived as thought. This one is the second big regression. There may be even more. The last merge has already more broken than expected. So it's wiser to check this first before releasing yet another incomplete version and having yet another regression to fix.

There will be no release candidates at this point. We have no final version yet. Release candidates doesn't make sense therefore.



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This one's something bigger. It not only has made the two subtabs disfunctional. But several props cannot be found anymore. Lots of code is mixed up here. The joy of merging. Still at investigating ...

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Three props are missing. The release version of Blender 2.79 has this three props. The problem here is that i rely at the Blender Master source code. Not at the 2.79 releasebranch. And in the master those props are gone: Plus a ton of other changes already. So i guess i have to remove those props too. I have never understand the need of min bounces for example anyways. What you adjust is max bounces.

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Fixed in master

The mentioned three props are now missing. We compare with the Blender Master, not with the release branch. See image.

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