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We have a Render border. 3D View / View / Render Border. This feature is to render a portion of the screen. There is lots to do here. It is half arsed implemented.

- The tooltip is useless. It does not tell you the function. Task: We need a tooltip text that tells you that this renders a portion of the screen. And that it only works in Rendered shading method.

- You can turn it on in the menu. But not turn it off again. To turn it off you need a secret hotkey. Task: add menu entry to disable Render border. Maybe we can make a modal button here? When you are in Render Border mode, then display a *Disable Render Border menu item*. On the other hand, you might want to adjust the Render border. So we might need both menu items then. This one needs further thinking.

- The menu entry for this Render border is for World Navigation and being in Rendered shading mode. There is also a Render Border for the CAMERA mode. Another tool, another hotkey set. The second hotkey from there works to clear the Render border. So not sure if same tool or double entry somewhere. It's the secret hotkey to turn off the Render border. I tried to add the same hotkey for both Render border tools. Since it is modal. The one from the world view does not work in Camera view, and vice versa. But then both Render border tools simply has quit working. Task: Find a way to use the same hotkey for both. It's crazy to have two different tools with different hotkeys for the same thing.

- As told before, the two Render Border items for Camera mode lacks a menu entry. Task: add menu entry. Question is how and where. Since we have a Render border for World mode, a Render Border for Camera view, and one tool to turn both off. This one needs further thinking.

- And final task, when we really have the menu items added, remove the hotkeys. This tool is nothing that you use very often, dependand of your current task. Not in World view mode, not in Camera mode. So the user has to decide if he needs it hotkeyed or not.

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Fri, 10/09/2015 - 11:24
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Menu entry for clear render border was already added in another task. Hotkeys are removed too. The same hotkey issue seems to be unsolveable. The menu item works as intended though.

Remains the tooltip that makes absolutely no sense as usual.

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