Puff Daddy

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This weeks WEC entry. - The theme was "victimless crime"

I took the chance to test out the newly released 0.9.6 version of BfA and all the changes and improvements that were made really paied out. Workflow and usability improved tremendously - Thanks for this cool tool, Reiner.;)

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Hello DAVIS,

A nice shine and good reflections on the glasses. I'm not sure how this depicts a victimless crime. Is this character puffing on something harmless, that is nonetheless illegal? Maybe it's parsley with CBD oil. Smoke, marshmallows, chocolate and a clown suit - it all reminds me of s'mores at a child's back yard birthday party!


"More s'mores, please!"

George A. Rushing

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Lol, yes, I don´t know either. Maybe it is just how the guy sees himself in the mirror?^^

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Davis, this is my personal favorite. I love it a lot.