Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes

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The port to Blender 2.78 featureset is in progress. We need to go through the single commits, and check and reapply them one by one now when needed. But also revert some.

The changes for Bforartists 0.8.0 needs to be readded. The release note is here: http://www.bforartists.de/wiki/bforartistsreleasenotev080

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Thu, 02/02/2017 - 18:51
Sat, 02/04/2017 - 11:51


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Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes - Added icons for the Image toolbar UV common

Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes - Added load save icons in the Text file menu.

Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes - Added some load save icons in the Image menu of the UV Image Editor.

Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes - fFxex some tooltips in screen_ops.c
Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes - Extended the toolbar functionality. Complete toolbar types are now hideable

Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes - Toolbar - made layout recognizeable by saving startup file.
Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes Toolbar implementation part 2

Port to 2.78 - 0.8.0 changes - Adding new toolbar editor part 1

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Also through here. Means the port is more or less done. There are a few issues left though. Like some persistent bugs like the Toolbar editor not recognized in layouts here, the port of the addons etc.

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It seems like you're manually applying commits from Bforartists on the Blender source. Git offers tools to automate this process as far as possible, e.g. see 'git rebase'. Conflicts can be resolved with 'git mergetool' then.

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Hi Julian,

That's exactly what i did. I merged Blender 2.78 into Bforartist across Git. But after the git merge quite a few things didn't work anymore. And that's what you see here. I went through all Bforartists commits now again, and reapplied the not working ones.

Most of it is of course my fault. It was my first merge. And i clicked a bit too often at "use their code". But i am through now. And the next merge will hopefully be easier Smile

Thanks for your input Smile

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Yes, you should always be super careful when resolving merge conflicts, it's often hard to find issues caused by them.

When maintaining a repository of the size of Bforarists on top of Blender, it's best to merge branches/repos regularly (as in, every few days), to keep merge conflicts as small as possible. I'd advise you to have a branch into which you merge both, the Bforartists master and Blender master branch (or release branch if available) regularly. When it's time to update Bforartists to Blender's latest changes/release, you just have to merge this branch back into the Bforarists master branch, which shouldn't throw any merge conflicts.

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Nice idea! Will have a look to setup such a branch Smile