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The port to Blender 2.78 featureset is in progress. We need to go through the single commits, and check and reapply them one by one now when needed.

The problem with the patches up to version 0.1 is that i haven't documented them separately. The release note list is not linked to the single commits. And this means we cannot go through the single steps. And we may miss the one or another thing.

Let's not repeat the mistake from the beginning. And document every step with its commit now here.

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port 278 - version 01 - Changed the informations that gets displayed when you right click at the exe and choose the properties / details tab.

port 278 - version 01 - Removed the double entries in the add menu of the 3D View in Object mode. Add Mesh, Add Curve, Add Armature, Add Lamp, Add Text, Add Latice, Add Speaker, Add Camera, Add Lamp.

port 278 - version 01 - Removed the Scene dropdown box from the info menu bar.

port 278 - version 01 - Removed the add menus in the menu bar of the 3d view in edit mode. edit_mesh, edit_curve, edit_surface, edit_metaball and edit_armature.

Port to 2.78 - 0.1 changes - Moved the render dropdown box from the info menu bar to the Properties editor.

port 278 - version 01 - readded the classes to switch between outliner and properties editor Not really part of 01. But this reduced the number of error messages in the console by a fair amount.
    Issue: http://www.bforartists.de/content/port-278-01-changes

port 278 - version 01 - Changed the app name from Blender to Bforartists

port 278 - version 01 - Changed the menu in the splash screen. And the name in the title bar.   

port 278 - version 01 - Changed space_info.py in release\scripts\startup\bl_ui .

port 278 - version 01 - updated the prvicons files in release/datafiles

port 278 - version 01 - updated the icons

Added splash images from Bforartists

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I hit the worst case here. I had bundled the inital changes into a folder. But this folder is lost, i cannot find it anymore. The commit history is also of no big help. I have the strange feeling that something is missing there. What we have is this release note: http://www.bforartists.de/wiki/bforartistsreleasenotev01

So let's go through this list, then go through the commits up to bforartists 0.2, and have a look what is left then.

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Ah, have found what i was looking for. The first changes was a merge of a complete branch into the trunk. And here we have all initial changes. https://github.com/Bforartists/Bforartists/tree/Bfora_master

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That was version 0.1. Not as much work as thought, but more than expected. I really have to go through the changes commit by commit. The Blender devs have added and changed quite a few things. The new grease pencil toolls for example have changed the whole look of the grease pencil tab. And so i cannot simply throw my changed python files in the bl_ui folder. But need to change things one by one again. And even need to remove things again. Quite a few grease pencil icons could be obsolete now. But we will see when we arrive at it.

This task is done. On with the changes from version 0.2.0.

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