Pink Bobby Bug

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Another week, another challenge...

The little genius from challenge #755 strikes again. I-m so happy --- Her bobby car wasn´t really going fast enough, so she did some modifications.

This weeks theme was "high speed"- - I took some shortcuts with it this time, the vehicle is modeled in Fusion 360 and I reused the character from the "biggest ... in the universe" challenge. - All put together in BforArtists, rendered with cycles. Glow, blur and flames are done in Photoshop.

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Cute =3

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Hello DAVIS,

From mind control to a Danica Patrick in training. A cute character, but what would she be like as an adult? It appears that you used denoising, as there is some subtle blotching on the right of the image that may have resulted from it. The blotching can be sometimes be mitigated by decreasing the denoising strength value to 0.3, and increasing the render sample size by at least 25%. Otherwise, kudos for putting this all together with multiple applications.


George A. Rushing

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I like the motion blur quite a bit.