Pearls in Velvet Lined Boxes

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The boxes are plastic with faux velvet lining, so I used a velvet shader in maroon of the hex value 800000 for the lining. I used a mix shader for the pearls, with a peach base color of the hex value FFCC99 for the low intensity emission shader. I also used a lighter peach shade, of the hex value FFF2E6 for the glossy shader. I also added a fresnel node, and increased the IOR from 1.45 to 1.59. An IOR of 1.59 is in the mid range for common pearls.

The lighting consists of two lamps side by side, one pink lamp of the hex value FFC0CB, and one azure lamp of the hex value F0FFFF. This is because common pearls are generally milky white, with undertones ranging from pink to blue among others. Pearls are considered iridescent organic gems more than translucent gems, but they are also somewhat translucent. Their iridescence means that they seem to change color depending upon the angle from which they are viewed, and their translucency gives them an inner glow of their own that is different from that of the external light source. They often have a silky lustre, comparable to the sheen of silk fabric. I have tried to depict that lustre as accurately as possible here.

The green beads are nephrite jade, which is considered by some to be semiprecious jade, while jadeite is considered to be precious jade. They are two distinct minerals, though both are commonly known as jade. The mix shader was glossy and translucent, with the hex values of the green hues being 606D2C and 90A343 respectively. I also added a fresnel node and reduced the IOR from 1.45 to 1.25, so that the jade would look less like murky glass and more like a translucent gem material.

Natural, undyed nephrite jade contains greenish black inclusions that appear as specks both on the surface and beneath it. I found no way to simulate the inclusions in either BforArtists or Blender, and to make them completely random among all of the beads. That is why I left them out, and also why these beads appear to be dyed jade. Perhaps there is an add-on that I am not yet familiar with that could enable me to simulate the inclusions and randomize them, and thereby create realistic undyed jade beads. I could use a PBR shader, but it wouldn't allow for the randomness I seek. Both the pearls and the jade beads in this image are undrilled.



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Nice image Smile

What i don't like so much is the burned out spots at the pearls.

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Hello Reiner,

It's actually less than you would see in a Mikimoto pearl jewelry store under the lights. I have actually softened the usual glare.


George A. Rushing