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Paypal Donations

Add a paypal donations account for development support in the Get Involved page. They provide embeddable buttons. This is to facilitate any kind of support that may not be direct development or bug finding nor a direct crowdfunded feature. May also be good for maintaining domain costs, host costs, or whatnot..

May make life easier to put more time into this in a free mannor.

This would be outside the policy stated here:

User Crowdfunding

We allow crowd funded development for user feature requests.

But Bforartists will not be involved into the crowdfunding process. Wether direct nor indirect.

The whole organization of this crowdfunding, like hiring a paid developer or maintain the crowdfunding campaign, has to be done by a person or group outside of the Bforartists federation.

Bforartists won't start or moderate such crowdfunding campaigns.

The goal of such crowdfunded campaigns should fit into the philosophy and concept of BForArtists as a non-profit software.

Please discuss your goals with the Bforartists staff in order to provide a feature which is fully functional and fits into the requirements before starting a crowdfunding campaign. This step is fundamental to clarify wether the crowdfunded feature will be implemented into BForArtists or not. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your next campaign!

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestions. But i am not the Blender institute where a handful people have a good living from the "free to use" business model. I am not interested in donations. I don't have developers to pay. The server is running anyways. So no extra costs. There is no money involved in Bforartists.

I am also not interested to do crowdfunding by myself, as stated in the quote. I am just open to any patch donations, crowdfunded or not. The crowdfunding must happen outside of Bforartists because of some legal issues. Bforartists is a pure non profit organization. And will always be Smile

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