Open GL render buttons in toolbar or Info panel not viewport specific, unpredictable

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I have found a potential workflow bottleneck error when it comes to animation preview rendering.

The OpenGL renderer used to be located in each viewport you'd like to render from. Now it is only located in the toolbar. This has proven troublesome specially when I start dublicating and creating new viewports. The predicted main viewport no-longer can be rendered, the second viewport yes, but the third no. And sometimes it was the first viewport, then switched to the second, though there were three viewports. And on top of that, I could not do an OpenGL render of the VSE for the lack of these buttons in each viewport. There is no indicator that the viewport is active for the OpenGL render button to actually render that viewport, making the experience utterly unpredictable.

And terrible when it comes to viewport specific animation previewing workflow.

My quick solution would be to have the render buttons in the property shelf under View tab, or have the render buttons in the view banner again as it was in Blender, by default. At the moment they are only found in the info menus or in the toolbar. And none of them render the predicted viewport.

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Thanks for reporting. Interesting one I-m so happy

Mh, Blender isn't any better here though. I click at the render ogl viewport in the left viewport. and the right viewport renders. One of the reasons why i have removed it then. It reacts arbitrary. There is simply no pattern what viewport renders with a click at the Render OpenGL button. At least not one that i have found out yet. This one could be worth a bug report to Blender.

Blender has by the way also the Viewport rendering in the View menu. Which acts like the one in the Bforartists toolbar.

I have to think what to do here. I don't see a way to fix the arbitrary behaviour. And then it makes no sense to readd the buttons ...

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Gave my recently installed 2.78c a whirl to see if I could get the same inconsistency. The Info Panel commands had the inconsistency, but the 3D View Panel buttons worked perfectly.

Ultimately the python command is the same, but I think the fact that the button is in the 3D View panel makes it the default active panel that that command runs from.


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Not for me, unfortunately. And i have the newest buildbot version installed. There is a quirk somewhere. I just haven't nailed it down yet.

Needs investigation.

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To make the problem more clear, make four views. Now click at each of the render open gl buttons. You will not be able to render in all four views. The operator is not made to be performed in the current active view. Even a shortcut doesn't help. It renders in an arbitrary chosen window. And i have yet to find out how Blender decides in what window to render. This one is a Blender quirk.

And as told before, then it simply doesn't make sense to readd the buttons to the views. It was the reason why i have removed them.

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I did your test. The Image Panel render result switch (that you have illustrated) to render the active viewport is arbritrary, and I can reproducide it, yet indeed that is not the issue.

The viewport Blender renders the preview renders FROM is correct and predictable, it works, within and only Blender. This is the issue in BFA. You can NOT predict which viewport it renders FROM. The BFA behaviours in Blender is only replicable from the Info Panel render options, same results - making the Info Panel entries for realtime rendering as useless because in both it does not give the desired and predictable results. Even the toolbar buttons behave like the menu entries inthe Info Bar. The buttons in Blender on the 3D View Panel fixes this issue. I have tested and tested it again and again.

The viewport you want to render from should be predictable and work. The render result output switch is arbritraty, and furthermore this is not the issue nor is it important (and indeed random). Curently in BFA it is impossible to choose which viewport you want to render from without guessing which is the default viewport.

This is also the case for preview rendering in the VSE, rendering from a 3D view not even present in the layout instead of the VSE viewer (due to having to activate preview rendering from the Info Panel or Toolbar). 

I have uploaded a test scene file that you can use to test.

Goal: make it possible to render previews FROM any viewport of choice as it does in Blender - quick fix: put those buttons back, or put them under the Properties Shelf>View or something.. please..... 

In fact, I would remove the Realtime Render Previews menu entries from the Info bar entirely and ONLY have them per viewport, as the Info Panel system is unpredictable and utterly useless (even in Blender) when it comes to working in animations or animatics.


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Ah, now i get it how it works. Clicking the buttons does not mean that the realtime rendering happens IN this view then. But FROM this view. Which can also happen IN another window. Thanks for explanation.

I will try to find a place for the ogl render buttons in the views again. But most probably not top level like in Blender. The View menu seems to be a good place.

As a temporary workaround, give the render viewport tool a hotkey. Hover with the mouse over the viewport that you want to render. And it will render FROM this viewport then. That way you have your needed behaviour.

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Fixed in master

Buttons are in the View menu now.

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