Nightmare Challenge

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I am sorry to post such a creepy image, I am no fan of horror, but this weeks challenge over at is titled "nightmare". I-m so happy And I gave it my best to make the image as disturbing as possible. - I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out the fluid simulation for this challenge. I did various splash simulations and 3d composited them around a modified bastoniLab character.

Modeled in BforArtists, rendered in cycles, composition in Affinity Photo.

Happy Halloween, I guess. Wink

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Cool image nevertheless Smile

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Hello Davis,

One of my sisters accidently broke my leg when I was three years old. This was in 1959. When I was home from the hospital, I lay in the living room of our house one night in the specially designed bassinet that the hospital sent me home in to prop up my cast. The front door was open, and a burning man came up the porch steps and looked through the screen door. He gazed upon me with an evil grimace, then turned and walked away. I never saw him again.

It was absolutely terrifying. It did not seem like a dream at the time because I was 100% awake and thought that it was an actual fiery demon come to haunt me. I would never attempt to create any 2D or 3D art to portray that terrifying moment; that's how awake I was, and how real it seemed. Then again, some would dismiss the burning man as a figment of a child's overactive and exceedingly vivid imagination, or as a childhood fear personified within a dream.

George A. Rushing

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Posted this to the facebook page! A long with a lot of your work Davis, you're the shining star!