Mind Travel

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My entry for Weekend Challenge #757, themed "Time Traveling Device". Modeled and rendered in BforArtists, composition in Photoshop.

"In the year 2535 it turns out that time travel via the newly invented mind travel device requires significantly less resources than the gigantic space portals, that were used to this point."

The eye and skin are simply a photo projected from view onto a rough mesh, so that lighting and reflection still work for the "background". Rendered in Cycles with 500 samples and a mild denoiser setting.

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This one is pretty cool.


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Hello DAVIS,

It reminds me of one of my Inkscape vector images of a wormhole transportation device. It looks like there's a wormhole being opened up in this person's mind as a time travel portal. I hope he or she remembered to bring some trail mix.


"Going back to 1967 to see Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop."

George A. Rushing